Thursday, February 17, 2011

as usual....

As usual, my bloggin has been set aside- life always seems to get in the way and yet I never seem to have anything to write about. And, I think I was in so much pain after Lucas seizure I just wasnt ready to keep blogging. weird.

But, I'm back. For today anyway! LOL!!!

So what's new?

um.....not much. Eric, Lucas and I are currently sick. Not so fun. I turned 29 back in January. Still not fun! :P Lucas is now 1 week shy of being 17 weeks old and THAT is FUN!! He is hilarious. I can barely remember life before him! What did I do for entertainment before?!

We Lots of preggo friends- Meshai, Renee, Rachael, Ramsey, a girl from chruch and maybe more I'm forgetting! Hearing each new friend that 's expecting makes me jealous! I can't wait to have another one! but then again.....I'm a little worried it'll be too tiring and stressful! Maybe now I'm glad we decided to wait and have the next one closer to when Lucas will be 3 instead of having them 2 years apart- perhaps it'll make life easier w/ 2 to raise....?! Having them 3 years apart also means getting pregnant at the end of this year!! but I got pregnant w/ Lucas in December 2009 so I dont want their bdays to be TOO close. Is 1 month far enough apart for bday parties and such???

Oh, and did I ever blog ab the fact that I have to have an ovary removed? that's right folks, I am now only 1/2 a woman! LOL! Maybe I'll tell that story next time. And soon I will finally blog about the was too recent to post last time. I dont think I ever even finished the blog b/c of the tears.....but he is FINE!! A-ok!

Til next time