Tuesday, October 26, 2010

gold rush days

my mom and I started a new little tradition a fwe years ago of going to Gold Rush days each October. Unfortunately we missed it last year b/c Lucas had just been born and I completely forgot about it since I was completely consumed by him. I really wanted to take him last year too! But we got to go this year and I got some really neat stuff! One thing that I didnt like was the # of similar booths. Do there really need to be 5 or more booths dedicated to girls hairbows or dresses??? Ick. MAybe I say this b/c I' dont have a daughter. And there were a few other booths that I wondered how they got approved b/c their "craft" or "service" was just silly. I say get rid of the duplicate or silly booths and make way for more CRAFTS!!

Here are the goodies I got (minus the yard sign I havent taken a pic of)

I'm going to hand these from the tree in the front yard

the artist that drew this was at the festival and signed this for Eric. He's going into retirement!

cute door hanger!

I also got a yard sign that says "our pumkin patch" and has our names on it- it's so cute!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010


After work on Friday Eric and I took Lucas to Ruby Tuesday for dinner. He had his first full table food meal from a restaurant. He loved it all. Mushrooms, zuchini, cottage cheese, ham, cucumber, tomato, cheese, grapes, french fries :), etc. Practically anything that was on the salad bar or our plates. And hey, did you know that Ruby tuesday is now doing rolls?! They are too small, but they're good! :)

After dinner we ran to the store to get all the food for tailgating Saturday. By tome we got home (930 pm) and done w/ prparing the food we didnt get to bed until 11:30 pm!! Then I had to get up at 530 to get ready then finish making the food. We still got out the door 25 mins later than "planned". I just cant get out the door on time! :/

We took Lucas to my SIL Leslie's for her and bryan and my other SIL Morgan to watch him while we go to  the game. they graciously accepted to keep him for the day since he refuses to nap at the game and it's just so hard on him when he stays awake that long. he had fun w/them going to a pupkin patch (his 3rd in a week!).

We had a great time tailgating as usual. we had great food and great friends. It felt like old times b/c the satellite wasnt working so we spent the day standing around and talking instead of staring at a TV screen. I never watch the TV b/c I could care less what's on but the guys really missed it! We've already ordered the replacement part and hope it works for next week! I made potato skins for the first time ever and they turned out well. they were actually really tasty! I'm getting better ab this cooking stuff! LOL!

For the game one of our friends invited us up to his parents box and it was so cool! I felt special beign up there w/ all the "big wigs" :). Here is the view we had:

sunday was chore and errand day. All in all it was a great weekend and as usual, way too short. Lucas at Home Depot:

how much is that....baby...in the....box?

the other night Lucas and Eric were playing. Here, Eric put Lucas in a box. Lucas wasnt too happy ab it so we took him out. but then he wanted to do it again- by himself! :) Later, Eric showed Lucas how to crawl through the box. it's the little things.....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jaemor farm

great farmer's market. not so great pumpkin patch :/ We'll be going back to Burt's next year. There were very few photo ops. The pumpkins were more expensive, the selection wasnt as good and if you wanted to go to the field where they have most of the pumkins you had to pay $3 just to go in or $12 to go pick one which was twice the price of buying one off the shelf. So I got noe from the store instead. I was very pleased w/ all the food we got. But the whole reason we went- to see and get pumpkins- was no where close to Burts. We still had fun though!

indian giver

So, it's not "PC" to call someone an "indian giver" anymore....so what do you call them? Let me just say this.....if you give someone something-no matter why you gave it- and then change your mind over a year later that you suddenly want it back.....IT'S TOO LATE!! you gave it to me. I offered no less than 5 times to pay for what you gave me- in person multiple times, via email, via text and via FB- but you wouldnt give me a price. I was under the impression that what you gave me was mine to keep. When I offered to pay and you didnt respond then it was obvious to me it was mine to keep....or you would've said "just use it for now and I'll get it from you later." Instead you gave NO response to my requests to pay you. That's your own fault.

I guess it's a good thing I'm too nice and decided to give it back to you. Honestly, some of it I've already given away to others or consigned b/c I thought it was mine to keep and thus do what I want w/ it. So you'll get back what I have left. I didnt use it anyway. So there! (LOL!)

And by saying "I hope it wasnt a problem" doesnt fix things. Of course it was a problem. I spent 3 hours of my life sorting through all the stuff you gave to get out the few things I kept. Then I had to spend another hour of my life (that could've been spent doing other, more important things) to go through my stuff to retrieve "yours". Thanks a lot. Actually, thanks for nothing.

Sorry for those who are confused. Just know that if you give someone something then you need to make it very clear whether you are giving it or letting the person borrow it. And if you give it then dont ask for it back.

I wish I wasnt so nice.

The party

We had a great party for Lucas on 9/26/10. It ended up raining but the party was great and I was proud of myself for successfully pulling off his party :) W/ the help and suggestions from my sister, a coworker and the internet I thought the decorations turned out great. I'm not usually the type of person to boast ab myself....but seeing how UNcreative and NONcrafty I am, I was proud of how it all turned out. So thanks for letting me pick your brains Jennifer and Carmeana!!!!

There are a lot of pics here. Enjoy!

This is the "before" pic of all the party stuff.

The next fw pics are the signs my SIL, Morgan, made for the party she did SUCH a good job!!!!!

I love this one- it was a 3-D poster!!!

I bought this one at walmart :)

the table decorations

The food table (we had to move the party to the garage b/c of the rain)

A closer view. If you look closely you can see the tablecloth is a road.

Cookies I made to look like tools. I got the cookies cutters at http://www.thecookiecuttershop.com/

the front of the house

Ha....I made the top 1/2 of this poster and it looks like a 2nd grader did it....now you know why I asked Morgan to do the others. she finished the poster for me. Again, she did an awesome job!!!

The yard

the birthday boy!!!!

Talking w/ Megan and Austin's puppy, Grizz. (Megan is Eric's sister and Austin is her hubby :))

One of his new fav toys from my grandmother. He love it!!!

Lucas w/ his grandpa's. My dad is holding Lucas and Eric's dad is on the right.

Eric thanking everyone for coming. then I said something and teared up. I'm such a sap!!!!

My nephew, Matthew in the middle w/ 2 of his second cousins (my cousin's boys)

My mom and her two youngest grandbabies, Lucas and Anna. Anna is 3 mo younger than Lucas.

the "smash" cake I made.

Happy Birthday Lucas!!!!!!!!!!!

the absolutely amazing, beautiful and creative cake my SIL, Megan, made for Lucas. She is a chef!!! Great job Megan!!!

Eric and Ethan, another nephew. He is 6 mo older than Lucas.

Ha! I love this pic b/c it looks like Lucas is giving Ethan the evil eye for getting near his 4-wheeler!


He took a long nap after the party and then played w/ all his presents when he woke up. He stills plays w/ them and loves them so much!!! he got some GREAT stuff!!!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Lucas!!!

On September 25 at 9:36 am out little Lucas turned one. I still can't belive it's been a year....and that was 2 weeks ago! We had a great weekend cepebrating his birthday and reminiscing about the day he came into our lives. We love him so much and enjoy every day. Here are some pics from the day of his actual bday. We had a GT home game that day so we celebrated there then had the big family party the next day, on Sunday, which will be another post.

happy boy! I made him a game day birthday tshirt to wear. The front says "it's my birthday" and the back says "birthday boy."

Lucas first birthday present = his first bike from Lauren and Joe, which was so fitting b/c they are triatheletes who do Ironman competitions.  He had a good time w/ Eric pushing him around. He cant balance it on his own yet.

Ladies Man

Another gift
The cupcakes I made   

He wanted to ride again when we got home

Friday, October 8, 2010

invasion of the......?????

the other week, mid-September I think, eric had gone out of town for a couple of days. I think it's part of Murphy's law that whenever the hudband is out of town that something has to go wring- something where you need a man around!!!!

Lucas and I had been minding our own business one night before we knew what that night would have in store for us. I had already fed Lucas at the kitchen table, per our normal routine and then we'd gone into the living room for him to play. I dont recall now why he'd crawled into the kitchen....but I went to get him and he was reaching for something under the cabinet ledge....it looked like a little worm! It was stuck in a little cobb web. and I thought well, that's weird. But somehow my attention was diverted and everywhere I looked were these little white wormy things. I was in shock. I couldnt believe it. We'd been in there all evening eating and walking and never noticed them! they blended right into our kitchen flooring. I still dont know how long they were there before I found them. But I think we finally figured out the following day when the extrerminator came out that the came from my potatoes. He called them potato weavils. Not sure how to spell that. I had assumed they were maggots b/c I didnt know any different. But he said they were way too big and had legs. I am still amazed, almost 3 weeks later that this happened. From potatos!!! It's disgusting!!! they didnt smell, they didnt have sprouts growing so it had never crossed my mind it could be therm....and I had thrown then away a few days before I found these little critters. OMG...I'm still getting the creepy crawlies just talking ab it!!!

I couldnt find a good pic of one online to show you....and you're proabably thankful. And I didnt take any pics that night b/c I was frantically sweeping them up and getting them out of the house and mopping.

I hope no one else has to go through that. ICK!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucas' First Haircut

After much searching I finally found someone, a barber, who would cut Lucas' hair at a reasonable rate. There was no WAY I was going to pay $15-20 for an 11 month old to get his hair cut!! I paid $7 + tip and that was VERY reasonable in my opinion. So, I made the appt and off we went!! Lucas was an absolute ANGEL!! He muct have been in the chair 15-20 mins and he was perfectly calm and behaved. I couldnt believe it. I seriously thought that he'd be one of those nightmare screaming kids. I was so proud of him!! Mr. Magness, the barber, said he though Lucas was the calmest, quietest child he's ever cut hair for. I was a proud and happy mama. I must have taken 100 pictures but I somehow managed to dwindle those down to like 10. He did so good. And looks SO handsome. I still feel like his "bangs" were cut too short and blunt- b/c as I said in the last post I love his long hair swooping across his forhead. But it's still super cute and he looks so grown up. My little man isnt a baby any more.

Checking out what the barber doing- he's getting ready to wet Lucas' hair.

Lucas chewing on a little snack we'd brough in case he got fussy. I had all sorts of things prepared to get his attn but we didnt need any of it. What a trooper!

Hi mom! Look how long his bangs are!

Around the ear

Befroe the bangs got chopped
and after
Blow dry and talcum powder. I had no idea what that was...!
the final touches
the end product. I love this handsome boy!
the hair I took home to keep.