Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rude awakening!

So, I went into Lucas' bedroom the other week and got a little surprise when I opened his closet door!



thank goodness it was already dead!!! This is the first scorpion I've ever seen in our house since we moved in 3.5 yrs ago. It still gives me shivers to think ab this thing in my Lucas' room!!!!!!!!! I dont know where it cam in or how it survived for so long but thank goodness our pest control stuff killed it!!! Hooray for Arrow!!

But the story doesnt end here my friends... I found ANOTHER one ab a week or so after this one under our kitchen table. It was already dead too. Not sure what the deal was. Arrow came out and sprayed again b/c of another issue (in another post) but I was not a happy camper to see all these creepy crawlies. Dead or not! Geez...what if Lucas had found it first?! Ugh......I just got the willies.

I HATE bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rachel said...

Oh Lord! That is scary! The cats found a lizard in our living room (alive!) and all i keep thinking is, if a lizard can get in here...what else can and where did it come from?! Scorpions are scary, glad they were dead!