Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Lucas!!!

On September 25 at 9:36 am out little Lucas turned one. I still can't belive it's been a year....and that was 2 weeks ago! We had a great weekend cepebrating his birthday and reminiscing about the day he came into our lives. We love him so much and enjoy every day. Here are some pics from the day of his actual bday. We had a GT home game that day so we celebrated there then had the big family party the next day, on Sunday, which will be another post.

happy boy! I made him a game day birthday tshirt to wear. The front says "it's my birthday" and the back says "birthday boy."

Lucas first birthday present = his first bike from Lauren and Joe, which was so fitting b/c they are triatheletes who do Ironman competitions.  He had a good time w/ Eric pushing him around. He cant balance it on his own yet.

Ladies Man

Another gift
The cupcakes I made   

He wanted to ride again when we got home

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Rachael said...

This next year will be the best... you just wait!