Sunday, October 10, 2010

indian giver

So, it's not "PC" to call someone an "indian giver" what do you call them? Let me just say this.....if you give someone something-no matter why you gave it- and then change your mind over a year later that you suddenly want it back.....IT'S TOO LATE!! you gave it to me. I offered no less than 5 times to pay for what you gave me- in person multiple times, via email, via text and via FB- but you wouldnt give me a price. I was under the impression that what you gave me was mine to keep. When I offered to pay and you didnt respond then it was obvious to me it was mine to keep....or you would've said "just use it for now and I'll get it from you later." Instead you gave NO response to my requests to pay you. That's your own fault.

I guess it's a good thing I'm too nice and decided to give it back to you. Honestly, some of it I've already given away to others or consigned b/c I thought it was mine to keep and thus do what I want w/ it. So you'll get back what I have left. I didnt use it anyway. So there! (LOL!)

And by saying "I hope it wasnt a problem" doesnt fix things. Of course it was a problem. I spent 3 hours of my life sorting through all the stuff you gave to get out the few things I kept. Then I had to spend another hour of my life (that could've been spent doing other, more important things) to go through my stuff to retrieve "yours". Thanks a lot. Actually, thanks for nothing.

Sorry for those who are confused. Just know that if you give someone something then you need to make it very clear whether you are giving it or letting the person borrow it. And if you give it then dont ask for it back.

I wish I wasnt so nice.


Rachael said...

LOL OOOOH my gosh. You are to nice. Wow. I mean. WOW! That totally sucks. :(

Megan said...

I KNOW!!!! and I just remembered this weekend- actually Eric reminded me- that she had given us the pack n play too. I asked her if I could pay her for it b/c we still use it so much and she said no that she wants it back. I am beyond annoyed and mad at her. So we went and bought a new one this weekend. And it's better and nicer anyway. I hate indian givers!