Friday, October 8, 2010

Lucas' First Haircut

After much searching I finally found someone, a barber, who would cut Lucas' hair at a reasonable rate. There was no WAY I was going to pay $15-20 for an 11 month old to get his hair cut!! I paid $7 + tip and that was VERY reasonable in my opinion. So, I made the appt and off we went!! Lucas was an absolute ANGEL!! He muct have been in the chair 15-20 mins and he was perfectly calm and behaved. I couldnt believe it. I seriously thought that he'd be one of those nightmare screaming kids. I was so proud of him!! Mr. Magness, the barber, said he though Lucas was the calmest, quietest child he's ever cut hair for. I was a proud and happy mama. I must have taken 100 pictures but I somehow managed to dwindle those down to like 10. He did so good. And looks SO handsome. I still feel like his "bangs" were cut too short and blunt- b/c as I said in the last post I love his long hair swooping across his forhead. But it's still super cute and he looks so grown up. My little man isnt a baby any more.

Checking out what the barber doing- he's getting ready to wet Lucas' hair.

Lucas chewing on a little snack we'd brough in case he got fussy. I had all sorts of things prepared to get his attn but we didnt need any of it. What a trooper!

Hi mom! Look how long his bangs are!

Around the ear

Befroe the bangs got chopped
and after
Blow dry and talcum powder. I had no idea what that was...!
the final touches
the end product. I love this handsome boy!
the hair I took home to keep.

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Rachael said...

he did so well!! what a good boy :)