Tuesday, October 26, 2010

gold rush days

my mom and I started a new little tradition a fwe years ago of going to Gold Rush days each October. Unfortunately we missed it last year b/c Lucas had just been born and I completely forgot about it since I was completely consumed by him. I really wanted to take him last year too! But we got to go this year and I got some really neat stuff! One thing that I didnt like was the # of similar booths. Do there really need to be 5 or more booths dedicated to girls hairbows or dresses??? Ick. MAybe I say this b/c I' dont have a daughter. And there were a few other booths that I wondered how they got approved b/c their "craft" or "service" was just silly. I say get rid of the duplicate or silly booths and make way for more CRAFTS!!

Here are the goodies I got (minus the yard sign I havent taken a pic of)

I'm going to hand these from the tree in the front yard

the artist that drew this was at the festival and signed this for Eric. He's going into retirement!

cute door hanger!

I also got a yard sign that says "our pumkin patch" and has our names on it- it's so cute!


Rachel said...

I saw a lot of folks going to Gold Rush this year and I'd never heard of it. Where is it? So it's like a fall festival? I LOVE fall festivals :-)

Megan said...

YES!! IT is a fall festical w/ lots of crafts and stuff! and food like at the fair- corn dogs, funnel cakes, turkey legs, corn on the cob, etc. Its in Dahlonega! Didnt you go to NGCSU?? If you did (and I think you did...?) then I cant believe you havent heard of it. It's fun! My mom and I have been 3-4 times in the let 4-5 years.