Monday, November 22, 2010

when it rains it pours

It's a cliche saying....but ti's true.  do things always come in 3's....good or bad? Earlier this year Eric had to get his gall bladder out. Earlier this month Lucas got Roseola which caused him to ahve a febrile seizure and now I have a cyst on my right ovary the size of a saftball and have to have the whole ovary removed unless they can save it, which is unlikely.

Please pray for my peace of mind. I know it will be fine...but it's just "antoher" thing to deal with. And I'm aggravated b/c I'd been saving my vacation and sick time this whole year for going out on maternity leave for the next baby in a couple years (it takes a long time to save up 12 weeks of pay) and now I'll be starting ALL OVER AGAIN since I'll be out 4-6 weeks with surgery. UGH!!!!!!!

Surgery prob wont be until mid-december....


Thursday, November 18, 2010

the gift of life

ramblings of a worry-wart mother......

I feel as though God is constantly reminding me of the fragility life. It is so precious and wonderful yet can be taken away in a heartbeat. Each breath HE gives us is a gift and we aren't promised our next breath. I truly believe that. I believe that each of us is put on this Earth for a reason and brought into each life's for a specific purpose. Not only that, but I also feel that we go through certain things in life (or others around us go through it and we are there to support them) and those things help shape the people we will become. I know that we've all been through some really great things, but we've also had some really rotten things happen. but we are who we are because of those experiences, life lessons and people whose paths we've crossed. I cant begin to understand why we have to go through some of those harrific things and why bad things happen to good people. I could never turn my back on God during these times but I can see how some people have. B/c in those moments of asking "why", there is no answer and it's impossible to understand and thus people turn their backs on God instead of turning their hearts towards Him. B/c he must not live us if he let it happen, right? WRONG. Suffering isnt easy. It's the hardest thing to go through. You dont know when it will end and usually only time will heal the wounds the hurt causes.

Our recent scare w/ Lucas was enough of a scare that I hope we never have to deal w/ anything similar again. (I'll blog about it later.) Even though he is fine now I couldnt image the pain if it had taken a turn for the worse and what parents go through when it does turn worse. We were lucky. We still have our little guy. Thank you Jesus. It's only by his Grace that it wasnt a more serious situation. But what ab all of those people who HAVE lost their little ones? Why didnt their little ones pull through too? How does God know which people to choose to go through certain battles?

Too many questions w/ no answers.

Boy, I sound like a debbie-downer, but really, these are things that run through the back of my head that I pray daily for God to give me peace about. I dont want to live my life in fear of what will happen and miss life along the way. I love life and I love my family and I love each and every moment we have together. I try not to take a single day or moment for granted but rather cherish each and every one.

But there is a reason why I tell both Eric and Lucas as often as I can how much I love them. There is a reason why I kiss them hello and goodbye everytime we see each other or part. There is a reason why everytime I put Lucas in his carseat I ask the Lord to "keep us and protect us" and kiss his head. I just worry so much that one day I wont do it and that'll be the day they are taken from me. I have a heavy heart somedays that Eric's, mine or Lucas' lives will be cut short. But I have been extra vigilant in reminding myself that we are the Lord's and He will only take us when He's ready to call us home. He is in control. Lucas isnt mine- he's God's. That's a hard pill to swallow.

Does anyones else every feel this way??? Or am I just rambling and not making sense?

Friday, November 12, 2010

another hike

so, Oct 16 we went to the tallulah gorge (see my last blog) and the following weekend, October 23rd,  we went to Amicalola and did some real hiking (not just stairs and climbing over boulders). It was absolutely gorgeous!!! We had the best time. It was nothing but nature and the occasional other hiker. We hiked about 5 miles that day and had a blast. Here are some pics:

Me and the Lukester

I love our Ergo! It's well worth the $ in general, not to mention for times like this!!

lunch time!

getting grapes from Daddy

yummy milk. A little boy works up a thirst w/ all that hiking! ;)

The handsome hubs

I just like this pic

We hiked at Amicalola Falls on Saturday then Sunday we went up to Springer mtn and did another 4-4.5 miles. Again, it was GORGEOUS!! the leaves were at their peak that weekend!

this is the view from the top of Springer mtn where the Appalachian Trail begins

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

tallulah gorge

3 weeks ago, on a whim, Eric and I took Lucas on our first family hiking trip- just the 3 of us. We debated where to go- I really didnt want to over do it since I'm so out of shape. We thought ab Stone Mountain, Kennesaw mtn, and a place we've been to before, Angel Falls by Lake Rabun. But we finally settled on the Tallulah Gorge. I've been to the Gorge overlook, but never IN the gorge. Oh my.....I had no idea what I was in for...!!!

 I turned Lucas around that morning for the first time in MY car. I was SO against it b/c of safety reason but he'd been crying for almost 2 weeks. The day I turned him around he stopped crying in the car so, I'll say it was worth it.

Before the hike: do you see Lucas??

Tehre he is!

at the top of the gorge- no "hiking" yet.

After descendint 500 stairs you get to the bottom. this is what you see to the left

And tot he right:

A person to get some perspective...BTW, she fell into the water right after I took this pic....

WE climbed over the river just like you see the lady doing in the pic above. that took ab 20 mins alone- it was HARD! the rocks are BIG and FAR apart! Once across you climb over big rocks and walk for a bit in the trees and ome to an opening- Look, it's our own infinity pool! :p We could have kept going but it was getting dark, since we startedt his adventure late in the day, and we didnt want to risk it.

My family <3

Looking back I can say I had fun....but while I was there I was miserable!!! There were LOTS of bolders to climb and 500 steps to descend/ascend to get in/out of the gorge. Uff! I'd do it again though.....once I'm in better shape and perhaps when we dont have Lucas---b/c of all the boulders!! I had NO idea!

Happy Halloween!!!

We took him to the trunk-or-treat at church

w/ his cousin Ethan

Hi mom!

A piece of candy in each hand!

Digging for more candy

@ home waiting on more trick-or-treaters to come. He did NOT want to be inside!!!

Shaking the nerds candy boxes like maracas

He wanted to walk away w/ all the families and kids as they were leaving!!!

I love this face!!!! He thinks he was getting away w/ walking away!

Trying to escape!

This is what I got every time I brought him inside- in b/w kids coming to the door.

I wanna go outside mom!