Friday, November 12, 2010

another hike

so, Oct 16 we went to the tallulah gorge (see my last blog) and the following weekend, October 23rd,  we went to Amicalola and did some real hiking (not just stairs and climbing over boulders). It was absolutely gorgeous!!! We had the best time. It was nothing but nature and the occasional other hiker. We hiked about 5 miles that day and had a blast. Here are some pics:

Me and the Lukester

I love our Ergo! It's well worth the $ in general, not to mention for times like this!!

lunch time!

getting grapes from Daddy

yummy milk. A little boy works up a thirst w/ all that hiking! ;)

The handsome hubs

I just like this pic

We hiked at Amicalola Falls on Saturday then Sunday we went up to Springer mtn and did another 4-4.5 miles. Again, it was GORGEOUS!! the leaves were at their peak that weekend!

this is the view from the top of Springer mtn where the Appalachian Trail begins

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Rachel said...

I just bought a Mei Tai (very similar to the Ergo...just with ties instead of the buckles) and I can't wait to go for a hike in it! I go walking with some women who gave birth when I did (two from my birthing class) and two of them use the Mei Tais...they spoke so highly of them I had to get one too...I <3 it! So much more comfortable than the Bjorn that I was using. Looks like you guys are having a great time hiking!