Tuesday, November 2, 2010

tallulah gorge

3 weeks ago, on a whim, Eric and I took Lucas on our first family hiking trip- just the 3 of us. We debated where to go- I really didnt want to over do it since I'm so out of shape. We thought ab Stone Mountain, Kennesaw mtn, and a place we've been to before, Angel Falls by Lake Rabun. But we finally settled on the Tallulah Gorge. I've been to the Gorge overlook, but never IN the gorge. Oh my.....I had no idea what I was in for...!!!

 I turned Lucas around that morning for the first time in MY car. I was SO against it b/c of safety reason but he'd been crying for almost 2 weeks. The day I turned him around he stopped crying in the car so much.....so, I'll say it was worth it.

Before the hike: do you see Lucas??

Tehre he is!

at the top of the gorge- no "hiking" yet.

After descendint 500 stairs you get to the bottom. this is what you see to the left

And tot he right:

A person to get some perspective...BTW, she fell into the water right after I took this pic....

WE climbed over the river just like you see the lady doing in the pic above. that took ab 20 mins alone- it was HARD! the rocks are BIG and FAR apart! Once across you climb over big rocks and walk for a bit in the trees and ome to an opening- Look, it's our own infinity pool! :p We could have kept going but it was getting dark, since we startedt his adventure late in the day, and we didnt want to risk it.

My family <3

Looking back I can say I had fun....but while I was there I was miserable!!! There were LOTS of bolders to climb and 500 steps to descend/ascend to get in/out of the gorge. Uff! I'd do it again though.....once I'm in better shape and perhaps when we dont have Lucas---b/c of all the boulders!! I had NO idea!

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