Friday, July 30, 2010

A few pics from 2010

Christmas 2009
3 months old

bright and early!
Opening gifts. He loves this Elmo!
5 more minutes mom!
Family photo
Nap time for Santa!
My parents 3 youngest grandkids
Ethan is 6 mo older than Lucas and Ana is 3 months younger.
He was just so tired!
1st formula bottle. 4 mo old
not yet crawling but wanting to
6 mo sure makes a BIG difference at their age.
Here Lucas was 4 mo and Ethan was 10 mo.
1st snow- March 2010
Cousin Ana's Baptism
6 mo old
Lucas meeting Eric's grandfather in KY for the first time
HAHA!!! This picture cracks me up every time!
such a happy boy!
Sitting up on his own (when you place him there) @ 5 months!
I *love* this smile!!!

Easter 2010
While we were getting ready he took a quick nap
Family photo!
mmmm Easter eggs!
7 months old
8 mo old. I love these pics. I took them too!
9 mo
At the beach

I love my daddy!
July 4 weekend- still 9 mo old

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