Thursday, March 10, 2011

new puppy

Meet Duke, the newest member of the Knapp household. He’s a 3 month old mastiff/lab mix. We adopted him last night. It’s only been a few hours, so time will tell, but for now he seems very mild mannered, playful and loves Lucas, Turner and Hooch. Hooch, as usual, isnt impressed and is probably wondering when Duke is going back to where he came from!

Headed home last night (not the best pic)

Watching me get ready this morning (I have no idea how to make it not be sideways...I saved it right side up?!)

Here’s a video of Duke and his brothers after they were born if anyone is interested… J Duke is the lightest of the 4 fawn (tan) colored pups. In the beginning of the video he’s the one on his own over by his two black colored brothers. Duke didn’t inherit much of the mastiff mask.

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Rachael said...

PLEASE tell me you are bringing inside tonight!! It is going to be FREEZING!!! He is to cute