Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hair cut

So...being a first time mom of an 11 mo old I have yet to delve into the world of kids hair cuts. I have debated when to get it done and I have decided now is the time. So I started looking into locations and prices. I surely though no one would charge more than $5 -$10 for a kids cut.....and I wasnt really even willing to pay $10!!! $5 I can do. I mean he's 11 mo old for Pete's sake!!! it'll take 5 mins to cut his little head of hair. Now, I know that kids can be difficult, so maybe that's why these places charge so much. They have those neat little chairs shaped like firetrucks and stuff and I'm sure they employ all kids of tactics to get the kid to be still. I can only assume since I've never stepped foot in one. Bottom line....I REFUSE to pay $16.99 to get Lucas' hair cut. Where do you  moms go? And what do you pay?

My mom suggested a guy whose daughter I went to HS with. It's a long story ab how we know him and where his "salon" is but he's only going to charge me $5-7!!! Now THAT'S more like it!!

So, I'm getting his haircut tomorrow! I'll have to take the camera to memorialize the event!!! And to share w/ my readers of course! :)

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