Sunday, August 1, 2010

and he's off!

Last night Lucas officially took hi first step. I couldnt believe it! I think I scared him I yelled so loud!! It was incredible! Luckily it wasnt one of those things where ONLY I saw it and then no one believes me b/c he wont do it again....Eric and his parents saw it too! What a big boy! Yesterday he was 10 mo and 6 days old. Another milestone to add to his baby book!

It's so funny every one says once they start walking  it's all over now"......course they said that ab crawlig too.....but in my eyes, the fun is just beginning! We are enjoying this stage w/ him so much!!! Our little man is getting so big! Tomorrow I"m going to wake up and he'll be 18 and graduating least it'll feel that way so I"m really trying to savor these moments.

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