Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, Monday....

So good to me? well, not bad anyway ;) We had a great time this weekend. Lucas went to my in-laws Friday night (which has become a little tradition this last month) and Eric and I stayed up late watching a movie and then slept in Saturday morning. Ahhhhh! My body tried to get up a few times but I wouldnt let it! :)

Saturday afternoon eric treated me to lunch at Applebee's, a little shopping at Tanger Outlets (we got some new tennis shoes) and some errand running at walmart. By this time (like 3 pm) I was SO ready to have my little man back. Ok, truth is, I was ready to go pick him up at 12:00 pm!!! I miss the little booger when he's gone. He makes me so happy. He is such a good baby. He's always smiling and always happy. Really, the only time he cries is if he SUPER hungry or tired. Or if he has fallen a little too hard. Otherwise he is just a happy-go-lucky baby who makes us happy, proud and lucky parents to have him. Man, we love our Lucas! And when he's gone its SO quiet in the house. It's odd how you get used to hearing the noise and wondering where he is and if he's getting into trouble! Like most other babies his age he manages to find the little speck of anything on the floor. We could sweep then vacuum and if there is ont little piece of something on the floor he WILL find it. It's a talent, I tell you!

Saturday we got the little man back and spent a quiet evening at home. After putting Lucas to bed Eric and I watched another movie (we love blockbuster online!). Friday night it was GI Joe (I wasnt a fan) and Saturday night I made Eric watch Ghost Dad. Ghost Dad is one of those 80s movies that, in my opinion, is like Back to the Future, teen wolf, Dirty Dancing, etc that you have to see at least once. It's a little corny, especially now that movies ahve changed so much but it's still a must-see in my opinion! :)

Sunday Eric spent the morning at Atlanta Motor Speedway racing cars w/ his BFFs. One of his BFs, Joe Fulton, is getting married this month and the racing things was part 1 of Joe's batchelor party. Part 2 will be spent in Tunica, MS this weekend. Their going golfing, shooting clay pigeons and gambling! What more could a guy ask for right? :) (Insert Tim Allen man-grunt now) Eric had a blast racing and apparently beat his friends' times by 7 seconds :) AMybe it's all the driving he routinly does in the corvette? (It's a manual too).

I spent Saturday going to see my grandparents in Cumming. My grandmother fell in the garden yesterday. She fell on a rock she has on the side of the house and it gouged her leg and she had to go to the hospital to get 13 stitches. Yikes! She seemed well yesterday. She SO enjoys seeing her great grandkids! She adores them so much! but poor Lucas, we'd only been there a little while when I started to feed him lunch and he threw it up all over the place! He was only 1/2 way through it. I still have no idea what made him throw up. Poor guy. He slept on the way home a while later and I got him some pedialite to drink. I could tell he didnt feel well. but, once we got home last night after some time at my in-laws he seemed back to him self. He had a good dinner and drank his mil w/o any probs. He was back to his happy lovable self. Who knows what it was.

All in all it was a good weekend. I hope I didnt bore you with it? Love life. Love my family. Bottom line. :)

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