Friday, August 20, 2010

but Daddy made me do it!

It may sound ilke an excuse.....but this time Eric really did make him do it! The opther night Lucas was playing w/ the cabinets like he usually does. opn it. close it. open it close it. He must love to watch the difference b/w being open and closed and hear the sound of it slamming shut. Here are some of the pics. Again...ERIC put Lucas in there. Lucas tried to climb in on his own once Eric showed him how to get in but he couldnt do it on his own.

Daddy showing him the cabinet
oooo look!
Eric did this...
Let me out!
Mom.....Daddy put me back in....!
Trying to do it on his own

I wonder if Eric learned his lesson yet ab not teaching Lucas things he ought not learn! :)

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Allison said...

Fun!! Just wait until he gets all the pots out and lines them up and then climbs in on his own. That'll be next. What a fun age!!! Then he'll do open/ close/ peek a boo over and over again :)