Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Every now and then I will get emails forwarded to me from my BFF Jackie that she has received about animals that are lookig for good homes for one reason or antoher. Normally I will glance at the photo, say "aw" and hope it goes to a good home- not giving the email or animal another thought.

But the other week when I got one of these emails I saw the picture of the dog and thought to myself how pretty she was and what it was a shame we couldnt take her. We have 2 dogs as it is and a 10 mo old. Plus we work full time so when would we be able to train a puppy?! Well, all that being said, I was still inclined to forward this email to Eric. I NEVER do this! To my surprise and bewilderment he sent an email back asking what I thought about getting the dog for my sister-in-law, Morgan, who is Eric's youngest sister. She will be 18 in October so we thought this would be a great bday present. She is SUPER animal lover and has been wanting a dog for the lingest time. they used to have dogs but never got another one after the last one died.

Well, long story short (b/c there's a lot more about what we went through to decide whether to do it and when/how we got her!!!) we did go pick her up and giveher to Morgan (who we call "Mo"). Mo was so happy and excited!

When we got this beautiful puppy she was named Remi and we were told she was a Great Dane (great Scott!). Wel,, Mo renamed her Lexi and Mo found out yesterday after her vet visit that Lexi is actually part pit ull and part hound.

No matter to us- we love her just the same and she's so purty!

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