Friday, August 6, 2010

so close yet so far away.

In reality, a month a a half in not that far away.....but when you are looking forward to something that is that far away it seems to take forever to get here!! what's in a month and a half? Lucas' birthday!!! I can't believe it. I literally can not fathom that it has been almost a year since he has been born. And I'm really not so sure that I want the next month and a half to go by quickly. I want to slow it down, actually. I want to savor these days and remember them always. I already cant remember him being a newborn. In 4-5 years when he starts school will I remember him the way he is now? Oh, how I want to! I've been trying to take videos fairly regularly so I can look back on him at this age.

there is once video that I took of him around 6 wks old that I love to go back and watch now. And I imagine in 5, 10, 15 years I'll still come back to watch it and others to remember these sweet, precious days! this is the video I'm talking about: My how time has flown since I took that video.

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