Tuesday, August 31, 2010

sick baby

I dont know if you can really see this or not. Its a picture of a picture on my cell phone. Yesterday morning as I got ready for work, Lucas felt absolutely horrible. HE didnt want to do anything but lay down but cried if I left him in his crib. So I put a pillow and blanket on the floor outside of the bathroom while I was finishing getting ready. He laid there for ab 10 mins before he finally fell asleep. I had my phone to take a pic but not the camera. So I took the pic b/c I couldnt pass this kodak moment. but then I remembered that I cant put it on here or do anything w/ it once I took it since I have no internet or SMS on my phone. Just texting and calls...thus the picture of the picture on the camera. I hope you can see how cute this it. he was PASSED out here.  I'm taking the picture IN the bathroom looking out at the floor of our bedroom.

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